Bainbridge Latex Mattress

Bainbridge Latex Mattress Side View

Natural.  Luxurious.  Great wearability. Our Bainbridge latex mattresses provides a healthy ‘green story’ product that offers decades of consistent guest sleep satisfaction. The two-sided Bainbridge offers support and comfort by being natural, with organic components, from its latex to its fabrics. The zip-off quilt contains an organic cotton cover and wool with a 1″ layer of natural 75 density latex sewn between the fabric layers, top and bottom. Beneath the zip-off top & bottom quilt is a second 1″ layer of 75 density latex for extra cushioning.  The combination of fabric and latex sits over a 6″ Botanicore latex core.

**Note: This mattress is offered in plush, firm, and extra-firm models.


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