Meet the Garfields

Jeff and Wanda Garfield and their three adult sons, Thane, Blake, and Drew created 45th Street Bedding in Seattle, WA. The brand was launched in effort to meet a demand in the marketplace for high quality, durable, gimmick-free bedding products with an exceptional value. Because we believe everybody deserves to sleep comfortably on products that promote deep rest while not compromising their health. We also strive to make these products available in a range of price points. We opened our first retail store in 1972. Through the years, our business has evolved into a destination mattress and bedrooms store, delivering premier products to the Puget Sound region and beyond. Today, 45th Street Bedding has hospitality and wholesale divisions, along with direct to consumer sales. Our premium quality botanical latex mattress cores — trademarked Botanicore™ — are the foundation of our brands mattress line.

As the mattress industry trends ever more toward the ‘disposable goods’ mindset, we choose to use durable, natural materials. These fibers not only give our products increased durability and longevity, but they’re also better for our health (and for the planet) than synthetic alternatives. We save you from the flashy marketing. Ignore the stories of ‘magical mattress materials.’  We deliver high quality products done right. Therefore you can enjoy better sleep.

Find where 45th Street Bedding products are sold, by visiting our Where To Buy page.

If you’d like to apply to become a dealer of 45th Street Bedding, please complete our Dealer Application.

If you’re a buyer in the hospitality industry (hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, retreat centers) and interested in partnering, visit 45th Street Hospitality.

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