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Natural Solid Latex Pillow
$ 89.95 - $ 99.95
Washable Wool Mattress Pad
$ 119.95 - $ 199.95
2 Inch Natural Latex Topper
$ 299.95 - $ 519.95
Whitman Mattress
$ 1,699.95 - $ 2,599.95

Pillows are an integral part of your sleep set. How your head rests on your pillow plays a large role in achieving proper spinal alignment. Ideally, your head will rest on your pillow in a way that there is no upward or downward bend in your neck. 45th Street Bedding carries a variety of pillows to cater to the three different sleeping styles, side, back, or stomach. In determining what pillow you should buy a good rule of thumb to start with is that a softer mattress will necessitate a thinner pillow and a firmer mattress, a thicker pillow. This is based on the idea that you will sink in to the mattress more with a softer mattress and the space between your head and the mattress will be smaller. In contrast, on a firm mattress your body will sit higher up and the space between your head and pillow will be larger and a thicker pillow may be a better option.

Pure wool fill is a great temperature regulator, very comfortable, and when maintained properly extremely long lasting. Structurally, wool is a porous material that is capable of absorbing and rapidly evaporating body vapor. This characteristic allows it to absorb as much as 30% of it’s weight in moisture without feeling damp and cold which provides for a healthy and dry sleeping environment. Eliminating moisture in your sleep environment is essential to sleeping cooler. Additionally, wool’s three dimensional structure creates millions of air pockets that can trap air which insulates from outside heat. In contrast to down or synthetic materials which shift and bunch when wet, wool fill stays even and retains it’s loft . In fact wool recovers 95% of it’s height after it is compressed. In contrast, synthetics recover only 67-79% after compression. No matter how it is twisted, crushed, or pulled, wool fill will spring back to its original lush thickness and maintains its comfort. Bedding made of wool fill will not shift, lose its shape, or separate into lumps. Because wool is sometimes scratchy as a surface material all of our wool filled bedding products have a luxurious cotton shell.

45th Street Bedding has great selection of latex and wool mattress toppers. Mattress toppers can serve a few different purposes. One way to use mattress toppers is to purchase a smooth top mattress, like our Winslow, that has little or no comfort layers and then supplement it with a mattress topper (or toppers) to create a unique comfort layer that caters to your individual support and comfort preferences. The advantage of this scenario is that as time goes on, and comfort preferences change, it is easy to adjust the sleep environment without having to replace your whole mattress set. Mattress toppers can also be used to fine tune the comfort of an existing mattress set to make it either firmer or softer as you desire. Lastly, mattress toppers can be a way for couple with different comfort preferences to customize their side of the mattress.

Mattress Philosophy
All of our mattresses are two-sided and flippable for maximum durability and comfort life. Our mattresses also feature the Botanicore sleep system core. This is a six inch, 100 percent natural latex core guaranteed to be extremely consistent, never off gas, and never have any seems. Our comfort layers consist of wool blended fiber and 100% natural latex layers, both of which are proven to be long lasting and durable. Our covers are a stretch knit fabric and incorporate cotton. Our goal is to provide you with the last mattress you will ever have to own.